Friday, March 14, 2014

bubbles and other life lessons

  I guess all moms think their munchkin is pretty adorable, but between us – Evening is freakin’ adorable.  She’s also been a typical two year old a lot lately so life hasn’t been as peaceful as we prefer it to be; she’s got boundaries to test.

  Today, I was doing a few dishes in our island sink when Evening stood up on a chair on the other side, as is her habit.   She keeps me company, supervises, and splashes here and there.  When I was done, I pulled the plug and started out onto the next thing, when I heard Evening’s soft voice whispering into the sink.

  “Bye bubbles!  See you soon!   Bye bubbles!  I’ll miss you!  Gone…” she whispered softly, all the while furiously waving at all of those bubbles rushing down the drain.  

   It was just one of those moments where all her sweetness and innocence came rushing at me all at once.  Those particular qualities are easy to forget when you have to tell her fifteen thousand times not to climb on top of the table or to stop pulling the dog’s tail, but are such a big part of it after all.  

  And let's face it, we can all use a few more memories to make us smile while we're doing the dishes, because I'll still be doing them long after she's grown...

Thursday, February 27, 2014

DIY wood stain (that you can use indoors!)

  I have been working on a project that just didn’t seem complete without a wood stain.  Unfortunately, it’s far too cold outside for that, and using a traditional wood stain inside would definitely make me sick.  

  So I started searching google and pinterest for some DIY wood stains and found some great ideas.  I set up some experiments to see what I liked best…

…but nothing grabbed me.

  Then inspiration struck.  

  I grabbed my olive oil.  I grabbed some blue pigment.  I mixed them up and slathered them on and waited while the wood drank it in.  Then I rubbed off the excess and much to my surprise I had exactly what I was dreaming of! 

  The blue seeped its deepest into the lighter spots while the olive oil honeyed the darker knots in the wood, resulting in a very happy looking union of tones.  

  If you’d like to try this yourself, here’s my recipe:  1 Tbsp of extra virgin olive oil to ¼ teaspoon of blue pigment (I used some of Evening’s Natural Earth Paints) and mix well.  Make as large a batch as you think you’ll need, since it will be hard to get an exact match from batch to batch.

  Apply a thick coat onto your sanded, ready-for-finishing wood with a brush.  It will look MUCH darker than the finished result at this point.  Leave that for the wood drink in for about an hour and a half. 

  While that’s happening, make a batch of beeswax sealant to protect your colour later.  You can make this with 1 Tbsp of beeswax with 6 Tbsp of extra virgin olive oil.  Combine the two in a glass bowl/jar/cup and set in a pan with about 2 inches of water.  Bring the water to a boil, all the while stirring the wax and oil in the glass.  Once the beeswax has melted completely, remove from heat and set aside to cool.  

  Using a rag, begin to rub off the excess stain from your project.  Once finished, begin to apply the beeswax sealant with a fresh rag.  Apply thickly.  If you have any sealant left over, you can store for up to a year and use as a polish (though if you have any pigment in the jar like I did be sure to only use it on this project!).  

  Leave for one hour, then rub off with another fresh rag, revealing a beautiful and safe, natural stain on your wood.  

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

tapping vs tappin'

  We recently had a gathering at our house for Evening’s birthday, and I was talking to my brother about how I was going to be tapping the trees soon (to make maple syrup). 

  A teenaged girl overheard me and her face grew quite horrified and she asked, very slowly, “You’re going to be tapping trees?” 

  “Why yes”, I answered, until I noticed just how horrified she was beginning to grow, “But it’s not, like tappin' that a$$ or anything.”

  The relief that washed over her face, my friends.  You should have seen it.  Oh my.

  So that’s a new one


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Grow your blog!

Hello and welcome grow your bloggers!  This is my second year growing my blog with Vicki and it's lots of fun.  Kind of exhausting, but lots of fun!!

  Our little blog is a mom/creative/naturey sort of blog.  We like to have fun, we like to play outside, and we like making stuff.  

  We have recently moved back to my home province, on a wee hillside farm with fantastic views of the Bay of Fundy.  Life is pretty rich these days, but all the excitement has taking a toll on my blogging!  But life must be worth living, after all, so I'm not complaining.  We hope to be adding more critters (sheep, horses) to our family in the next few years, and my toddler and I are busily planning away for their arrival.  In the meantime, spring is coming and we've got some landscaping to do!

  Feel free to romp around, check out our children's stories, our DIY tutorials, and join us on our whacky adventures!