Thursday, July 12, 2012

the mummy bucket list

the mummy bucket list
  I have decided to start working on my bucket list - my mummy bucket list, that is.  The mummy bucket list is a list of all the things I want to do with Evening before she is "all growed up".  The mummy bucket list is an ongoing, evolving, and dynamic list (because of course, some things will be accomplished and others will be added).  The point of the list is that nothing ends up getting swept under the carpet and then one day I find myself rocking on some porch with grey hair and suddenly realize "Dang!  I never did take Evening to visit the world's biggest potato when she was a kid" or something along those lines.  I would like to invite all other mummies out there to join me in making their own mummy bucket list (and I'd love to hear about it, too, please leave a comment below!). 

  Evening was feeling quite obliging, so I am making this photo my official logo of the mummy bucket list (you can use your own kid-in-a-bucket of course).  I reserve the right to change it but as you can see, she is almost bigger than that bucket and while I could get a larger bucket, at some point she is not going to sit in buckets for me and I don't want a teenager who hates me because all of her childhood photos involve a bucket of some sort.  Or one with a terrible phobia of buckets (pailophobia??).

  The mummy bucket list items can, and possibly should, be ridiculously difficult to achieve (because then our imaginations will find some way to make it happen) or as simple as colouring together.  It's up to the mummy and what that mummy wishes. 

  So here goes...the inaugural item of the mummy bucket list is:

1.  Make up a story together, telling each other pieces before bedtime and recording our voices with some sort of device.  Then, when she is fast asleep, I will set about transcribing the story so that when we are finished, we can send our story to a one-off publisher like createspace and have our own professional looking copies to keep forever and cherish/be embarrassed about.  With an extra one, in case she burns hers when she's a teenager because it is so terribly uncool to write a book with one's mummy. 

  I plan on making the mummy bucket list an ongoing theme, and again, please share your ideas, thoughts, use my idea on your own blog (feel free to stop by and share the link), and have fun!!


  1. I always wanted to take my kids to Disney

  2. threelittlemonkeysJuly 22, 2012 at 9:09 AM

    This is the perfect first item for your mommy bucket list! I have done this with my kids. My favorite is to just write out the stories or poems they are making up (the sillier the better) and then they draw pictures on the same page to go with their story. The little ones are so proud of their literary creations. Not only is it lots of fun but it is an easy and enjoyable way to build their literacy skills. It will be so much fun to see how their stories evolve as they get older and learn to write the stories themselves!

  3. hmmm...I never thought to have her illustrate it as well - great idea threelittlemonkeys!


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